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About Us

Having a robust digital platform allows us to be an extension of your business model by having a vested interest in your aged inventory sales. Instead of a one by one approach, we implement and launch a listing program that takes a live feed from your inventory to post on all online platforms. We will manage the listings to ensure all postings are accurate and properly represented. The online platforms we manage are some of the best in the country, offering a 24/7 marketplace for your vehicles. ​

Our services do not stop at selling aged inventory. We engage with the buyers to bring high volume, quality offers for your vehicles. Once a vehicle is sold, our team works to transport the vehicle to our location and off of your "to-do" list. From that point, we handle communication with the buyer/transport company to arrange pick-up. This means less hassle with delayed transportation that causes sold units to take up room on your lot. Payment is released upon delivery of title for the vehicle. 


Weekly reviews of listings and sales data will verify all inventory is being properly marketed. We perform ongoing price analysis for your dealership in order to maximize your overall sales conversions. Knowing that data drives success, we will provide monthly progress reports that include listings, sales, platform performance, etc. Our experienced staff is ready to help design a strategy that is well-suited for your organization today!

Meet The Team

Reed-Montgomery 2022.jpg

Reed Montgomery

Digital Sales Director



Cerise Vaden

Digital Sales Representative


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